General aches and pains

  1. Do you have tight and sore muscles?
  2. Are your joints stiff?
  3. Does it hurt to move or lift your arm?
  4. Is it worse when walking?
  5. Is lifting a kettle becoming difficult?
  6. Have you given up sports or activities you enjoy because of the pain?
  7. Is there soreness in your neck or back area?

These are some of the symptoms people complain about when they first come to see us. We have helped many with relief from their aches and pains and we may be able to help you too. If you are suffering from joint or muscle pain and it is affecting your life, do not be afraid to contact us. We may be able to give you some answers and help you get back on the path to recovery just like we have with many before you.

On a daily basis we help those people struggling with arthritis pain or wear and tear, young people with ongoing muscular aches and pains or office workers who spend long periods of time slouched at a desk. Our focus is getting you back to the activities you enjoy and help prevent your problems from returning.

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