Meet the team

Dr. Todd Niehaus, Hons. DC is an experienced Chiropractor with a primary focus on soft tissue injury repair and recovery. His interest in health and wellness began at the University of Calgary (Biology major). He went on to complete another four years at the Palmer College of Chiropractic West in California, where he graduated with a doctorate. In addition to 15 years experience practicing in England and Europe, Dr. Todd also spent 3 years working in Australia and New Zealand.

Todd has always tried to link both his love of Chiropractic and his love of sport – treating many professional athletes playing in the NFL, NHL, Premier League Football (soccer) and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). He also treats many generally active people, who are looking to maintain or recover the lifestyles they love.

Dr. Niehaus takes a holistic, diversified approach to chiropractic care. He tailors his treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient, incorporating gentle spinal, cranial, and extremity adjustments, manual muscle testing, spinal traction, neuromuscular rehabilitation, functional evaluation, postural awareness and self-care exercises. He excels at helping people recover from automobile accidents and work-related injuries; eliminate headaches, neck pain, and back pain; recover from athletic injuries and enhance athletic performance.

Dr. Niehaus believes chiropractic care should extend beyond the office visit. He takes the extra time to learn about his patients’ habits and lifestyles and offers creative strategies they can use at work and home, including stretches, core strengthening exercises, and relaxation techniques. By educating individuals about their health and wellness, as well as providing them with the tools they need to take an active approach in their recovery, he believes that his patients can get better faster and stay well longer. Dr Todd has always kept up to date on new, proven and effective treatments and technologies as they emerge to ensure the Vernon community has access to world class care!